Calvary Nursery

Click here to download the Calvary Nursery Policy Handbook

Click here to download the Calvary Nursery Policy Handbook


The Mission of Calvary’s nursery ministry is to serve Calvary PCA and the community by providing a welcoming, safe, loving and nurturing environment that shares the love of Christ with little ones and equips parents and caregivers to participate in the ministries of the church.


We love children at Calvary!  We count it a privilege to serve the youngest in our midst and their families.

Nursery on Sunday morning cares for little ones from birth up to age 3 (36 months) during the entire 10:30am worship service. Immediately prior to the sermon, 3-year-old and 4-year-old children may be taken to the nursery for the remainder of the Worship service.

We also welcome children under three during our 9:30am Sunday School hour.  Sunday School classes are available for children three and older.


Calvary Presbyterian Church seeks to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all nursery workers (paid and volunteer) and children.  As a precaution and to ensure strict accountability from one adult to another, we have adopted the following safeguards:

Two-Worker Policy: A minimum of two unrelated, adult workers (at least 18 years old) will be in attendance at all times when children are being supervised during programs and activities.

Assigned Nursery-Worker Policy: Only the child’s parents/caregivers and the assigned nursery workers are allowed in the nursery room at all times.

Visibility Policy: For the safety of our children, we ensure visibility into the nursery rooms at all times. Therefore, the top door of the double doors must remain open at all times in which children are present. Doors are never be locked while persons are inside the room.

Training: All of our nursery workers undergo a training in all Calvary nursery policies and procedures.  The Calvary PCA Nursery Worker Handbook can be downloaded here.