Praying Together

At Calvary, we desire to see God cultivate within us a culture of prayer.

To that end, we have asked each Calvary Life Group to set aside one group gathering per month for guided, Kingdom-oriented prayer through the Scriptures.  Prayer guides include Revival Prayer, Prayer through Calvary’s Core Values and the A.C.T.S. model (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication) of prayer.  Prayer guides are available for download below and are useful as individuals, families, or groups.

Our group that gathers at 11:30 AM on Zoom for one hour of Revival Prayer each Wednesday is currently on break for the holiday season.  
If you would like to join the next prayer meeting, please email for details.

Why should we pray?  Here is how one author answers that question:

When I pray I am talking to the One who has all knowledge.  One who cannot possibly learn anything from me that He doesn’t already know.  He knows everything there is to know, including what’s on my mind…He is sovereign…People may ask, ‘Does prayer change God’s mind?’…The simple answer is that prayer does not change God’s mind.  ‘Does prayer change things?’  Now, the answer is an emphatic Yes!…What then does prayer change?  In the first place, my prayers change me.  My time with God is for my edification, not His.  Prayer also changes things.  In practical terms, we say that prayer works.  Prayer is one of the means God uses to bring about the ends He ordains.”  – From the article “The Prayers of the Righteous Are Never Futile,” by R.C. Sproul

Click below to download prayer guides for use in Life Groups, Revival Prayer Groups, or for family or personal prayer!

          A.C.T.S. Prayer Guide