Holy Week 2023

HOLY WEEK 2023 AT CALVARY: Join us in celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior during Holy Week:

“I will raise my eyes and look down that corridor; 4 feet wide, with 10 lonely seconds to justify my whole existence. But WILL I?”  These words of Harold Abrahams in the 1981 film, Chariots of Fire, well-capture the angst of the human heart.  Will I ever do or be enough to justify myself?

Paul’s answer to the question in Romans is a resounding “no!”  But the good news of the gospel is that through faith in the One who has taken all our sin and shame on His shoulders, we do not have to wonder if we will be justified, we already are justified!

Join us this spring, beginning on Easter Sunday, as we hear the good news from Romans 3:21-5:21, that sinners like us are justified now and forever, because of the finished work of Christ.

April 9: God’s Righteousness Revealed – Romans 3:21-31
• April 16: Righteousness of Faith – Romans 4:1-12
• April 23: Great Exchange – Romans 4:13-25
• April 30: Peace with God – Romans 5:1-5
• May 7: Reconciled by Love – Romans 5:6-11
• May 14: Righteousness Reigns – Romans 5:12-21