Partner with Pastor Nate in Sierra Leone

As part of Calvary’s commitment to make disciples where we are sent, Pastor Nate returned to Sierra Leone for a second consecutive year, February 6-21. He and fellow PCA pastor Tom Cox worked again with West Africa Reformed Mission (W.A.R.M.) to train local pastors and other ministry leaders in the five churches of the Presbyterian Convention of Sierra Leone.



  • Pray for for each teaching session, and for the students who are attending, that the message would be driven home to the hearts of the people, and bear fruit for the kingdom of God.
  • Pray for for a young man who is part of the hotel cleaning crew. We were able to share the gospel with him, after he found and read a book on the Lord’s Supper that Nate left out on the desk in our room.
  • Pray for a young woman who suddenly lost her husband in Atlanta. She is planning to go for the funeral in the next couple of weeks, and Nate has offered to help connect her to folks from our denomination..
  • Pray for “M”, one of the hotel staff. He asked Tom and I if we had any theological resources for him, which we did, and he is eager to reach and talk with us about Christian doctrine.
  • Pray for gospel conversations, not only with church leaders and members, but also with hotel staff and guests. The Lord has provided several opportunities so far, and we are eager to share the good news of Jesus wherever the Spirit is at work.
  • Pray for the children and staff at Raining Season Orphanage to experience the love and mercy of the God who adopts us as His own and calls us His children.
  • Pray for our students who are attempting to complete their outstanding assignments from our previous course, that they would be able to submit those to us before we leave, so they can receive credit, as they seek a path toward ordination.
  • Please pray for stamina and clarity during our last day of teaching.
  • Please pray for continued gospel opportunities and boldness to share the good news.
  • Please pray for our brothers and sisters of PCSL to continue to grow in Christ’s love and move forward in His power on His mission in Sierra Leone.