Wish Lists

Just like an online wedding registry, two “Wish Lists” of items still needed for the Nursery and Kitchen have been created at Amazon.com and Target.com. You must have or must create an account with either vendor to shop the Wish Lists. If you are unable to visit a Wish List or prefer not to create an account, but would like to contribute, please give cash or a check made out to Rebecca Camenisch (with “Calvary Wish List” in the memo line) to Rebecca before or after worship, beginning this Sunday 9/29, and the funds collected will be spent on remaining Wish List items.

Click the links below to browse or shop each Wish List:


Amazon Shipping: Select “Jonathan Camenisch’s Gift Registry Address” for the shipping address during checkout.


Target Shipping: For Target, some items are too inexpensive on their own to meet the shipping threshold and must be picked up at a store. You can select your local store, or purchase enough items to meet the minimum shipping threshold.

When items can be shipped, at “Step 2 of 4: Shipping Address,” please select “Shipping to the address of Rebecca’s registry.”