9-11 And the Eternity in Our Hearts

Today is a day when many of us remember where we were 14 years ago.  9-11 is etched into our collective memories in a way that very few days in our lives are.  I remember getting to work around 9:10 that morning – about 10 minutes later than I was supposed to, and meeting my boss in the parking lot.  He looked unhappy, and I thought I was in trouble.  But as I got out of my car, he said, “A plane has hit the world trade center.  Let’s go watch the news.”  Moments after I walked into his office, we learned that another plane had flown into the second tower, and we soon knew there was an attack on our soil.  Not long after, we learned of the fate of two other planes – one that attacked the Pentagon and the other that crashed in a field in rural Pennsylvania. 

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