God’s Plans Are Better Than Mine

Mexico Missions Team + Vida Nueva

Calvary Missions Team with Members of Iglesia Vida Nueva, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

God’s Plans are Better than Mine

Proverbs 16:9 says, “The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”  I experienced this truth first-hand, while traveling for our recent mission trip to Mexico.  Here’s what I wrote on Calvary’s short-term mission’s blog about this experience:

On Tuesday, July 5, sitting on the tarmac in Atlanta, waiting for takeoff, I began to sense that God had different plans than what we had originally designed.  Don’t think I’m a prophet or son of a prophet, I can just read a watch!  Every time the pilot spoke through intercom to the cabin, our departure time was further delayed, and each time, I looked at my seat-mates Jeff and Gwen Wiggs, and smiled, saying, “God may have a different idea about this than we do.”  As it became abundantly clear we were unlikely to make our connecting flight from Mexico City to Zihuatanejo, I started thinking about Acts 16:6-10, where the author tells us that the apostle Paul’s mission team was prevented by the Spirit to speak the Word in Asia and Bithynia, and instead, Paul receives a midnight vision compelling him to go to Macedonia.  I wondered, “What is God up to?”

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Pray for Calvary’s Summer Missions Team July 5-12

Mexico Missions Team

Calvary’s Summer Missions Team will be serving in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, July 5-12, 2016.  We will be joining long-term mission’s partners Guillermo and Jennie Salinas, who have been serving as church planters in the 4th largest city in the Mexican state of Guerrero since 1996.  Please pray daily for the team through the list below and keep up with the team throughout the week on the team’s missions blog here.

We are on our way!  Would you please PRAY?  July 5th – 12th

That We would 

Glorify God – Psalm 96:2-3 ~ team verse

Love Others – John 13:34-35

Bless Others – Matthew 9:36-38

Be Humble – Psalm 25:9

For our-  

Safety – Psalm 139:5

Health – 3 John 1:2

Flexibility – Proverbs 16:9

Communication – Colossians 4:6


The Details

Glorify God – That all that we do while we are in Mexico as well as traveling would bring glory and honor to God.

Love Others – That we would love on the Salinas’, church members where we will be doing construction and the people we encounter when helping with the puppet programs.

Bless Others – That we would be looking for ways to bless others while traveling and during the time we are in Mexico.

Be Humble – For us to make a conscious effort to put others interests ahead of our own. A willingness to learn from others.

Safety – While traveling, at the worksite and around town.

Health – For us to get rest, stay hydrated, eat safe food, be protected from accidents and avoid infections from mosquitos.

Flexibility – With the schedule, work we will be doing, the food, the travel and our teammates.

Communication – To be able to communicate effectively despite the language and cultural barriers.

Who’s going? – Steve & Nathan Bowyer, Jay Diepenbrock, Tom, Lisa & Nathan Gyori, Ron Hatton, Ginger Hobgood, Mike & Megan Larsen, Jeff & Gwen Wiggs and Nate Wilks.

Where? Zihuatanejo, Mexico to work alongside Guillermo & Jennie Salinas missionaries with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship that Calvary has supported for years.

What? Construction & helping with the puppet outreach ministry.

When? Depart RDU 9:30 AM Friday, July 5th arrive Zihuatanejo 6:10PM.

Return July 12th leave Zihuatanejo 12:35 PM arrive RDU 11:47 PM